Ok here it is fellas we are underachieving, we are at this date 5 games under .500 everything from our coach, to our chemistry to our heart is being questioned.

At this point no one can say for sure what we are going to get from BD, his workouts have not produced any optimisim at all that things will get turned around

And like always Knick fans are running for the hills, or at the very least at least stretching their legs before they start the run!

On the flip, Tyson has done better on the offensive end then we couldve ever asked for! Feilds is starting to look like that solid (albeit not a star) player from last year and Shump's D and overall feel out there is looking unnaturally good!

I have been here before! I remember the lockout shortened season when we had a solid team on paper that looked horrible to start the regular season only to come together in the latter part!

I also remember Lenny Wilken's final year with The Knicks and that pitiful team was leading the Atlantic for a couple of weeks and optimism was abundant!

So what's my claim....this team will pull it together! Barring injuries of course!

there is too much talent in our starting lineup to think we are not going to get good!

BD will be solid for us!

This team will be in the playoffs and I will take it a step further....we will make the 2nd round of the playoffs!

So where do you stand?

Do you think this is the biggest bust in Knicks history (and possibly NBA)

Or do you stand behind what most of us felt when we landed Tyson?

Post now and lets revisit in a month from now