Well look at a healthy Stat. He can't do nothing consistently. But yet some team out there think he is still franchise player. Lets find those teams. I promise u, Melo will be back to old self with 2 weeks on bench. But Old self that is exactly what Stat is. aging right under noses each game. As you think he has gained a step, its nothing more than man who is coming down from his peak. With 3 more years left and stubborn style of b-ball. You now know he was succesful based atheltic ability and he never learned to addapt his game. He never learned post game, he never mastered his art of mid range jumper. Yes we saw flashes of it in 4th last night. for 18 mil we need more than just flashes.A quarter of the season over, he should be at his best. Don't expect him to improve. As season goes on because the crazy schedule and his knees, it will take impact on his game. I say to much inconsistency.

Rockets get Stat Balkman
Clippers get Thabeet Budinger Douglas
Knicks get Mo_Will Scola Flynn

Scola is much more team oriented that Stat with slightly better rebounding better post scoring. Not a go to guy but reliable 16ppg & 8rpg every night guy. better passer. You ask why Rockets maket the trade at all. They star power and go to guy in the interior. Mo Williams not will save D'Antoni job but could lead healthy Melo and Chandler team deep into the playoffs. Whether or not BD comes back and stays healthy having Flynn as true pg to learn under BD and Williams will be important our future. signing K-mart or Rasheed will be improtnat b/c an aging Scola will be limited in playing time. Now this team stronger than Bulls and Heat and only with 40 + games to build unity, we need time to gel and resurrect a once proud franchise into chanpionship quality team. Knicks drop Bibby and picked by rockets

Mo-Will Shumpert Melo Scola Chandler
BD/Flynn Walker Fields Jeffries Wallace
Jorts BD/Flynn

A team like Houston would love to land him. You add true Lowry PG and K-mart Buding on the wing. Dalembert Stat front court could work. Stat will reach better stats with Rockets with Lowry pick roles abilties. Even lead them to game 7 2nd round exit against either OKC or Clippers

Lowry K-mart Budinger Stat Dalembert
Dragic Lee Parsons Paterson Hill
Bibby Morris

Clippers fill their needs, an improvement at backup center depth at . Mo become expandable as healthy Bledsoe comes back soon. Douglas brings depth to the backcourt while Bledsoe gets healthy aging Billups limited will probally play more offguard. T-Will better passer ballhandler and shooter than Gomes. Girffin won't be happy but Howard Turk for Jordan Gomes Butler exceptions could happen in March when Butler becomes tradeable. This would becomes the team along with OKC in western finals.