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Judging by the comments in this thread it's obvious again that 90% of you guys still didn't get the point.

Have your scapegoat in D'Antoni...that's fine

But we're still left with **** and overpaid players.

You gotta take a look at the bigger picture like the past 10 years and not just the D'Antoni years....you wanna tell me Larry Brown (HOF) sucks at coaching? You wanna tell me Lenny Wilkens (HOF) sucks at coaching?

I'll tell you something: Our management sucks at getting competent basketball players and build a TEAM. That's the reason we're **** and have been **** for a decade.....

Everybody who thinks Stoudemire and Anthony are the answer doesn't know a thing about winning.

They're just the next Marbury and Tim Thomas.

Look at Denver's record without Anthony.

I'd rather keep D'Antoni for another year if Stoudemire and Anthony were traded for guys who care about winning 95% of thir life instead of just 50 %, because they got so many off the court **** going on.

They just kinda want it, they don't want it bad, like Kobe or Jordan or Duncan. They care too much about the next reality show they're in or the next Muppet show they're in or the next commercial they're about to shoot or which Bentley they buy next.

A guy like Kobe would starve for 3 days if neccessary but Amar'e and Melo are like: "Mhhh yeah I can starve for a day, but I also gotta eat....hm **** that life's great let's eat."

I'm ok with that attitude for $7-8 million guys who are talented, but for $18-$20 million they gotta make some sacrifices, some people wuld kill their parents for that amount of money......and they just kinda want it SMFH
Nah, I liked Lenny alot actually, thought he was doing a pretty good job with the team, expectations were just too high for that group, I think we were playing around .500 ball with him if I recall correctly, and Marbury and Kurt Thomas were our studs. We actually played entertaining ball, since canning Lenny we haven't seen much .500 ball or entertaining ball.