Some of you guys don't have no opinion on the subject nor can you be objective on the trade. Sorry I don't accepting mediocracy. you few guys probally have that in your own life, so you can accept the same for this team. Do you think I would mention any trades scenario if we were 12-7 instead 7-12. off course not. its not like we successful with this squad at one time and are just struggling now. We are going in wrong direction. Poor BD with back problems has to comeback early to be our savior, god bless him if he can.

What do guys have against a trade. unity CHEMISTRY haha what teamwork is their. Last night was the best team work and it was with no Stat and Melo on the court. We seen both guys be healthy and play terrible together. Sure they play well but not together. Landing Mo-Williams Scola for Stat is blessing, but its realistic trade considering all the teams needs.

Unless you can be obecjtive abour trade or post topic don't respond my post or others. Everyone have a right to post about anything regarding the knicks. you guys seem to care more about what I am writing. Don't respond or don't the read post. It would be stupid if the moderator decides to separates forum for trade. Respect Everyone post and if you repond be objective on topic or on trade. Us the fans are all on the same team and probally have more unity than this team does. We suffered watching this team for so long and share the pain each night. Is it really a big deal to read post involving trade idea.

I don' like poster who attach 30 pics per subject or have to read everyone quote at the end each post, but its no biggie bc I don't complain about you guys. I complain about the team. I just do my thing and post trades and if anyone talks about something I don't like im objective on the subject.

If you want complain, start with the team, plenty to complain now a days.

damm now I forgot my next trade scenario ; >