The Knicks will never be close to contending for an NBA Championship as long as James Dolan is the owner of the team.

He does not have a basketball mind running his basketball team. If he just sits back and doesn't worry about big names and over hyped commodities, i.e. Mike D'Antoni, and let a real General Manager or President of Basketball Operations run this team and build a team the way it should be built we will never be good.

Dolan is running this franchise into the ground while making a fortune off of them. We have a great foundation in Anthony, Stoudemire, Chandler and Shumpert and all we need to do is fill in this team with legit role players and a coach who can make it work. It doesn't have to be Phil Jackson, it can be an unknown coach who has a great track record as an assistant. Scott Brooks, Tom Thibodeu guys like that should be given a chance.

Dolan is all about the headlines but all we do is make a big splash in the off season and get **** on all year long by the media because as long as Dolan's bank account is increasing per game he's fine.

I really think fans who attend games should begin to boycott games and not tune into MSG to watch games. Send this muthafcuker a message that this isn't what we want.

Dolan should really sell this team, unlikely as it may be I really hope he just wakes up one day and decides he doesn't want a part of this. I want the media to harass him every waking moment of his life til he folds and just puts the team up for sale. Donald Trump will jump at the opportunity to buy the Knicks, hell even if the team was publicly owned like the Green Bay Packers it'd be even better.

James Dolan is a plague and is making me hate watching basketball. I watch every other team and see what we should be. He's a horrible owner, hired a horrible coach, made a horrible decision by not keeping our best GM ever and will continue to be horrible until the day he dies

end rant