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    Originally Posted by KingofNy
    Why doesn't Dolan look at signing Gilbert Arenas? We can't score and we're shooting 30 3's a game, why not get a proven 3 point shooter?
    dude seriously? Arenas is your solution? he's done ever since his injury he is just a washout.

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    Originally Posted by CA7
    Denver is the type of organization where they either build through the draft(Melo, Lawson) make a trade for a young unproven guy(Nene, Afflalo, JR Smith) or throw huge money at a guy(Kenyon Martin). Thats how they built their 1st team. They gambled on AI and lost, re-did that mistake by gettting Billups, I honestly think they are done going after big names and will likely wai to strike gold through the draft like they did with Melo, difference is they got a great coach in George Karl and a city where they love the team and the media doesn't bash them for playing bad.

    Denver's team currently put together is great for the regular season, jam packed games, depth, hard working guys but they lack a go to guy for crunch time. I heard someone say they are similar to Chicago, difference is the Bulls got D.Rose( A franchise guy), when the playoffs come and when we get a real 82 Game season with more rest, longer camps and more practice I think thats when we judge this trade. Because since the deal neither team has won a playoff series
    Ya, I feel the same.

    I do think we can be a beast team with Melo, and STAT. With a PG to run the offense they are centerpieces of, and in the right style of offense, they could be an impossible to stop duo.

    But we need to trust our management to make the right call when it comes to keeping the team together and improving through the 2.5 exception this year, and the MLE the next; or if an opportunity to trade STAT comes up, if it's worth pulling the trigger.

    Idk if as a franchise we have what it takes to not mess it up, though. Especially with an MDA hot seat, I smell a return of Isiah in some capacity if we make a change.

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