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    Default It's complicated

    Originally Posted by Wargames
    whoa whoa whoa my man don't call me simple minded when your simple ass can only come up with a plan to take on crappy players from the worse team in the damn league whose grand plan is to tank for a number 1 pick and the Cavs who would be crap if not for their number 1 pick and Varaejo.

    The team you came up with looks like the type of team full of trash players that would be lottery bound for 3 years. Also yeah I would take JR smith because if like you said he becomes a ball hog there is this thing called a "6th man" where he could come off the bench and score.

    Trading both Melo and/or Amare is like when the Knicks traded Zach Randolph because Eddy Curry was a fat ass. At most you trade 1 and then build around the other. Your deal is bad. The best player involved for the Knicks right now is Cassipi & Jamison with future hopes on Kemba and Biyombo. That team isn't championship caliber its at best first round fodder for a better team which is where the knicks are now. But at worse the knicks have one bad contract that can be moved for depth. your whole team idea would be hard as heck to fix when it goes wrong.

    Like I said if they did your plan which they would not it would go down in knick infamy as the time the knicks had stars and instead of at worse altering the team around one of them decided to trade all of them for crappy pieces.

    Also yeah I said win the east, I could of said championship but it doesn't matter its hypothetical. Also the team I made up in my mind would whoop the team you made up in your minds ass.
    There's a ton of frustration that went away when we saw Landry stop aiming the ball in the Detroit game..We saw Shumbert make a few great defensive steals but dumb rookie turnovers..if we gotta go to Jeffries because Harrelson is hurt remember both suck. Harrelson is so slow he can't defend and Jeffries can defend but he can't catch the ball or hit the side of a barn on his shot. TD can play great just NOT IN CLUTCH SITUATIONS.
    We need Baron Davis to make SHUMPERT LEARN THE PG POSITION.
    Amare's friggin attitude changed when he heard about being traded for PAUL...he just stopped playing defense period.
    My wife, the KINICK GODDESS..still sees potential if attitudes change. She has seen MELO share the ball more, better substitution by D'Antoni but wants BALKMAN FREED as do I.
    No more trades this year...let's maximize the confidence of those players we have. This is a head game as much as anything and the KINCKS NEED to go from can't to believing they can win down the stretch. Trust me we need Melo then....
    Walker has stepped up but we miss Shawn Williams...and his "TRES"

    So if Fields can stay out of his coma, Shumpert continues to improve{he has the skill set} but makes dumb mistakes....Amare decides to become a BEAST on the boards again.....and MELO plays in the flow and Davis gets back soon we will make the playoffs. Right know the 76er's and Boston healthy are better than us. We can beat them both if D'Antoni does a better job with what he has.
    BTW I like LIN....over BIBBY.
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    I don't see Iman as a PG in the NBA. Better off the ball like Sprewell.

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