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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Deadass, I still wouldn't make that deal. It was unnecessary.
    You wouldn't make the Melo deal?

    Cause if not you know this team would never go anywhere significant, ppl are underrating the hell outta Melo because of his poor start so far he's still a top 5 offensive player.

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    Denver dropped to like the 7th spot in the Eastern conference all the Hooblah about how good they are is irrelevant. Basically we gave up.. wilson, Galanari, and Mozgov for Carmelo.

    Tyson Chandler hands down replaces Mozgov

    Melo hands down replaces Gallanari

    JR replaces wilson as the 6th man

    Now lets see Gallanari is injured and we see how bad they are sucking without him. Wilson chandler is still in china, though he may opt out soon (rumor), Felton is gone to Portland. Mozgov is Injured well, last time i watched the nuggets i saw Mozgov injured not sure if he still is but, the nuggets are knickless at the moment

    at the end of the day

    We have the nuggets 2 best shooters in JR, Melo

    and Kenyon martin is gone to the clippers

    if anything i say the knicks won this deal
    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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    It's amazing how two weeks ago the Nuggets were in a much better position than us, and now we've stormed on ahead.

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    Denver is good because they have depth and a good coach. Those are two things we've lacked. At least the depth problem should be fixed after the all-star break.

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    A healthy Denver team is an elite team, they would do that deal over and over.

    Danilo is a better fit in this system, is younger and cheaper and a better defender/shooter/ball mover/tougher than Melo. We never needed Melo, just bought into the hype like bunch of desperate virgins.

    and Mozgov never turned into Chandler. We could of have both Tyson and Moz.

    Tyson is in the top 3-5 category for minutes played by a 7 footer. He's solid as a rock, but he's going to need his rest soon, especially in this scheduele tight and packed season. An injured Chandler, it'll be very hard to win.

    Shout to Chandler tho, if you watch closely, he does a great job of playing strong and tough while avoiding injury.

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    Sorry, i know im late checking into this thread but i was one of the first to start hating the Mcnuggets for basically the same reason reasons as running jump, I got sick of being compared to them. I hate that whole team except Wilson Chandler.

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