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*Not supporting D'ANtoni*

But I think he would counter something like this towards Marbury: "What'S your regular season record in New York, playing for Hall of Fame coaches and NBA champions Lenny Wilkens and Larry Brown? How many times have you been in the Playoffs and how many Playoff games did you win?"

What would Marbury say then? I wonder
What the hell does that have to do with anything? One is a player and one is a COACH. Everything Marbury said was right and it wouldn't matter if he was a CBA player or an NBA champion. The point is, everyone recognizes what's going on here with this clueless coach.

Just because you want to question the career of Marbury. He was great in Minny, went to NJ and carried them on most nights (23pts 8.5Ast), played good here as well (I'm only talking about basketball here). He was and probably still is better than any PG we have on the bench besides Davis.

The difference between Marbury and Antoni is that Marbury went to other teams and at least continued to put up solid PG stats. Meanwhile, Antoni can't even reproduce what he was generating in PHX despite being labeled "offensive genius".

Marbury would probably mention things like that.