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    Originally Posted by pakopako
    Not sure if Lin should be getting 20 a night (10-15... the Knicks have a damn good bench that never gets used), but I do like those options; they are simple, but effective.
    Did you just call the knicks bench great?

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    Originally Posted by skisloper
    Your missing the point in your LIN bashing....

    We all know there is a good chance this guy MIGHT suck..... there is no question.

    what we do know is that the KNICKS have sucked.

    We know we have NO PG.....Douglas and Iman are not PG's.
    Let them lay their positions of SG so they can excel.

    AND YES 100%,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,things have gotten so bad that we are saying LIN should see minutes....if he sucks its over BUT if there is at all a glimmer then who knows...Maybe we have someone who can pass first before shooting....

    For those who dont want LIN what do u think will happen...TD or IMAN will have a revelation and realize they are PG's ?
    GREAT post Skis...No need for me to even read any further -- this capsulizes the entire issue.

    I don't wanna hear ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In our sorry state of affairs, YOU FRIGGIN' TRY LIN and see what he can do...Glad he's getting at least a little burn now here & there but it should've happened over a month ago. And this nonsense that he never practiced with Amar'e & Tyson is unbelieveable...Totally unacceptable. If that's really the case then this idiot isn't running his practices the right way..

    Everything Skis says here is true: we have no PG; TD & Iman (esp. TD by a mile) aren't true PGs and the team IS suffering and WILL CONTINUE to suffer because of it. Those are the facts and they're clear as day, maybe to all except D'Antoni...True Lin might suck too. I'll concede that..But I wanna see for myself -- I don't trust MDA's evaluation of Lin to be honest, not when he goes right down to the DL and puts up a monster triple-double game the very first (and only) game for Erie.... I gotta see it for myself now -- I really have no more faith in Mike to make the best judgement calls for this club.

    Just like when we traded away Anthony Randolph to Minny as part of the Melo deal --- almost right away, Randolph started putting up big numbers for the Wolves....Maybe I'm in the minority, but last yr, I wanted Anthony Randolph to play. I don't care if he sulked once in awhile, don't care if he had a bad practice here and there, don't care that he made mistakes in a game the few times this idiot D'Antoni actually decided to throw him crumbs from his table (PT). I don't wanna hear any of this nonsense -- you make it work...You give him a long enough leash in order to make it work and if that means giving him a little breathing room to make mistakes and grow and get better, THEN YOU ****ING DO IT JERKOFF!!! First and foremost -- YOU INSTILL CONFIDENCE...You play Randolph because he obviously had MAJOR talent and incredible upside (still does imo)...You play the guy because, with his talent & skillset, I still believe that with only a little bit of coaching, he could've been someone really special, could've been someone we could've built a real good team with and someone who could've taken major pressure off STAT... You play the man because he was the centerpiece in the deal for the Knicks, a deal where we traded away David Lee, a very good, productive player. If anything, you play him to get his value up to par so he's not some BS throw-in in any future blockbuster deal, like he was in the Melo trade, but a major trading chip where we then wouldn't necessarily have had to give up as much as we did to get what we wanted....Most importantly, you play Randolph until he proves w/o a shadow of doubt that he's not any good. Period. D'Antoni never gave AR a fair shake and never went out of his way to make sure he did everything humanly possible for that kid to succeed here...Quite the contrary in fact; he destroyed the kid's confidence almost right from the get-go by putting him in his doghouse and that's always gonna stick in my craw. Mike D'Antoni did a HORRIFIC job managing, developing and coaching Anthony Randolph. Sorry, don't wanna hear anything else about it.

    A little different with Lin (he wasn't some piece we traded for, only a low-risk minimum wage dude mgmt brought in as insurance when Iman was set to miss a couple of games early on), but it's almost the same thing...PLAY THE GUY YOU DOPE! We're drowning here with no PG!!!! Give the guy a larger sample. WTF is he waiting for?? WTF has he got to lose at this point??? Maybe, JUST MAYBE, the team starts playing better or, God forbid, the team flourishes..Or, on the other hand, maybe we continue to struggle and he doesn't have the impact that we're looking for...No sweat -- then you cut his ass loose and bring in the next best option out there to occupy his low-salary roster spot, if that's all we have to work with and that's the best possibility available...If that guy happens to be Ish Smith, a player quite a few guys have been calling for, great. Give him a shot then (how'd Walker Russell look last night btw? Looked like one of the best guys Frank put on the floor last night to me and 95% of the fans out there never even heard of the guy)...Or bring in one of the low-risk/high-reward PG I've been talking about recently----there are several real intriging possibilities still out there waiting for a phone call, guys that would work well in this system... Either way you try something else and keep trying until you come up with something decent and until Davis is ready to go... That's it. But, no, D'Antoni refuses to budge on certain issues. He's so Goddamn subborn and doesn't show the type of adaptability you'd like to see...Bottom line for me, if something's broke, you don't sit around on your hands wishin' & hopin' that it fixes itself and all the while continue to lose games...You keep trying to do something, even if all that's available to you is trying a relative unknown/unproven like Jeremy Lin or someone similar. You never give up the fight. I don't trust Mike's evaluation abilities anymore to be honest. I think he ****ed up with AR and he's ****ing up now with this PG situation.
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    are the haters implying the warriors and rockets would have been better with toney douglas running point (chucking)? did mda make a bunch of fake accounts? 1) he penetrates 2) he doesnt look to shoot jump shots 3) he doesnt sit on the arc burning 15 seconds off the shot clock 4) the guy plays with as high a motor on offense as shump on defense...which is saying a lot. HOW THE HELL IS CHUCKING BETTER THAN THIS?

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