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Knicks looking a lot better especially with Melo back to his old self BUT we don't seem that much better than DET which is bad. We're def better but the talent gap should be bigger IMO.
I still think D'Antoni is mismanaging our roster. Lin needs to play more than Douglas and I would split Giraffries time with Jordan and MAKE SURE NEVER to play Jeffries and Chandler at the same time. It totally closes the lanes down, messes up the spacing and the defense just swarms to the remaining 3 as we never post up and Giraffries is a turnover clanking machine.

I cringe every time I see Giraffries set the pick and roll because even if he has a clear lane he finds a way to turn it over or get fouled which means missed shots either way. Well at least we're winning... against the Pistons tho...