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    sessions for TD, Jeffries and a pick throw in balkman to sweeten the deal he hardly gets play time anyway. its worth it sessions is a well developed PG and plays smart.

    the Lakers are also interested in sessions according to sources im pretty sure they can package something better to the cavs then anything we have prepared.

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    There were plenty of decent point guards we could sign at low cost during the offseason, however out front office didn't show any ineterest. Ford, Pargo, Telfair, Vujačić, West... if I was Grunwald I'd go after Brooks who's currently in China... don't how his team is doing, but he's an UFA and we could try to sign him using our room MLE.

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    Originally Posted by shizzee
    I don't thjink session is type of PG we need. but if we can swing Sessions in trade and get Calderon im for it. K-mart not the interior post scorer we need off our bench.

    Raptors get Jamison-exp Session (looking to save money)
    Cavs get Stat Douglas Walker Balkman (get star power to go with Irving)
    Knicks get Calderon Johnson Gibson Bell Miles Cavs 1st (great depth)
    Jazz get Shumpert Fields Kleiza

    sign Rasheed Wallace > Kenyon Martin

    better perimeter players under MDA system (Passing & Shooting)
    3 shot blockers Johnson Jeffries & Chandler
    2 Interior scorer Melo & Wallace

    playoffs Roster dangerous team

    Calderon Bell Melo Johnson Chandler
    BD Gibson Miles Jeffries Wallace
    Your mother has failed

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    Ramon Sessions is not a good player. His 4 mil cap hit is horrible too. Lin is a downgrade in terms of Offensive Passing. But a huge upgrade in terms of D.

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    Originally Posted by clumsy
    Ramon Sessions is not a good player. His 4 mil cap hit is horrible too. Lin is a downgrade in terms of Offensive Passing. But a huge upgrade in terms of D.
    Sessions is a good player and serviceable PG who could start and make things flow a lot better. He's better than all our PG's and a better long term option than Baron Davis, 4M isn't bad. If he improves his jumper I'll take him as our starting PG

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