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    Default Road to Perdition: On the Road with the New York Knicks

    Great, interesting article full of tons of gems from around the league.
    Quote Originally Posted by Knicksin60
    Ignore the Curry, James, Francis, Jalen and Malik Rose deals & Isiah would be one of the top 5 gms .

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    Nice read....only problem is the writer (Jonathan Abrams) of the article been
    smoking Dantoni-joints since the 2004-5 season.

    Miami headcoach Eric Spoelstra said it best....

    "What this season is about, it's a no-excuse season," says Erik Spoelstra,
    Miami's coach. "You have to be a no-excuse team. And you can build up
    excuses every game, about the compacted schedule, about the travel, about
    the different time zones, all of that. Everybody has a litany of excuses about
    why you can't get it done, but some teams are able to withstand it, and it
    also speaks to the depth."
    Did we use our depth this season? NO! Hell No!
    Is Melo & Stat ball stoppers?
    Once upon a time, Ray Allen, Pierce, KG, D.Wade, and Kobe were ball
    stoppers.....a PG did not change them, their headcoach change their
    performance to compliment their teammates using a team-system on
    both ends of the court.

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