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    Default Carmelo in a Pick and Roll with Chandler is Unstoppable!

    Just watched the DVR of the game against the Pistons.

    I'm telling you guys. Those two together w Melo coming off the screen from Chandler w the ball in his hands and the opportunity to make a decision to pass, shoot or drive equals something good for us almost every time.

    Saw it against the Pistons and I know in my bones it has much potential to work against any team. Not only that, but it'll open things up for our shooters in their spots along the perimeter.

    On another note.. the win against the Pistons was a confidence marker for our boys. Teams sometimes need a good win agaist a ****ty team to start feeling like they can get gd things done again. The Pistons are amply ****e-ridden, but I saw some nice signs our offense is getting on track.

    One thing that worries me is that MDA sticks with his 8 man rotation even in this lockout shortened season.

    He only played:

    Walker and Jeffries.. off the bench


    and Amare as our second unit. This is not gd.

    Really liked the chemistry brewing between Melo and Fields too. Some nice passes from Melo for some clean open looks, which Landry drained for change.

    Can't get too excited, but this team appears to be getting the ship righted imo.

    Time will tell..

    And could the board be any quieter after a win?? Goodness.

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