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I honestly had no expectations of the game being this close, it was a very well played game against a very good team, just came down to the wire really, its so f***ing heartbreaking to lose, but you know what theres light at the end of the tunnel and both D antoni and the players were great today just couldnt get it done...

Melo could of made that oppurtunity better i mean he could of just gotten a little closer or run down the court quicker, f**k!!!!!!

For fcks sake were not even in the double digit wins yet i cant stand looking at 8-14 its so nooby i want to be over .500 ready... Smfh im tight right now this is the sh*t that makes me age faster lol
The Knicks prove that they're not even in the same category as the Sixers, Pacers and the T'Wolves. I have never seen a team with so much talent assembled fail this miserably to win games. The 98-99 Knicks throughout their struggles didn't look this putrid and pathetic.Sorry if I sound so anti-Knick but I lost all future hope for them when D'antoni wasn't fired after their six game losing streak.