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@CA7: in my opinion your problem is you don't see whether Carmelo is playing good or simply bad. You always defend him doesn't matter how was he playing. He had some big games this season, especially at the beginning thereof. But besides of that Detroit game he's sucked in the last 10 games. Of course, this comes partially because of his injuries and our coach who doesn't really control Anthony, but many loses lately are on Carmelo. Seriously, stop acting like your idol while in Denver: "when we lose it's never on Carmelo, but when we win it's always him", that's what I read on a Nuggets board. Last night he didn't play very well, bad shooting (again below 40%), turnovers and blocked drives. I'm not saying we lost because of him, but I know he can play better than this and I expect him to play like a star many think he is.
when we win I dont say its because of him, but when we lose guys always blame him then talk about the trade, its the same stuff every loss.

I know he's in a slump but its not his fault we're this bad