at this point I'd like to say it's either the Coach or lack of PG...but it's probably Jim Dolan. He's responsible for pushing the melo trade through, despite donny walsh...we probably would have gotten him anyway(i love melo) or landed PG D.Williams who would have been a better fit for D'Antoni and Stat.

He also is responsible for letting this team start the year without a legitimate PG. I like the chandler aquisition, but we miss Billups big time. Banking on us getting B. Davis in the first place and then his health. Dolan sucks.

Not to mention, the lock out was bad enough, then he negotiates unfairly with Time warner...greed and stupidity...I am a step away from being a Brooklyn nets fan as I suspect so many are when they have a better team then the Knicks next year.
I would never have thought I'd say it, but if they somehow get Dwight howard and the knicks have the same crappy chemistry, coach and @55hole owner ... I'll be a Brooklyn fan next year. As a life long knick fan and NJ hater, It kills me to think about, but I can't take the results of DOLAN anymore.