BD is NOT going be healthy anytime soon. He will probally won't ready until March. If we go another month without quality PG, we might else well tank the season make sure we get keep our top 5 pick(top protected from Houston). We can trade for S.Curry type PG without loosing any players. Thier no SG or PG worse drafting with top 5 pick next yr. Plan A superstar PG. PLan B MDA PG. Plan C young star PG.

PLAN A at this point D-will value is higher melo so might need to add Shump
Dwill Morrow Stevenson for Shump Melo Balkman BEST OPTION
D-will Morrow Fields Stat Chandller
Lin Stevenson Walker Jeffries Wallace

PLAN B Douglas won't land CBA players, must move Shumpert
Shumpert Balkman Douglas for Dragic T.Williams
Dragic Fields Melo Stat Chandler
Lin T-Will Jeffries Wallace

PLAN C Wait until March 1 at the deadline trade
Chandler for Curry Biedrins
Curry Fields Melo Stat Biedrins
Lin Shumpert Walker Jorts Wallace