i havent posted here in a while since there really isnt much to post about except our failures but that is the dumbest sub in/inbound play i have ever seen,dantoni needs to go he is really a dumbass,i wouldve been okay if melo or amare missed the shot bt we give the ball to a guy that hasnt played almost at all in about 2-3 games for a potential game winner? and we have statistically the most clutch player in the NBA and he doesnt touch the ball? i am just so pissed when we lose games off of bad playcalling because its not always our guys fault and when it isnt dantoni screws us up,first he lets amare take a game tying 3 against the bulls now steve novak was supposed to be our hero,dantoni must go its not even an option anymore either he goes or soon these players will get used to this losing mentality