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KEEPING IT REAL TONEY DOUGLAS VERSION Toney Douglas on why he single handley F this game up for us tonight

Interviewer- so toney tough game tonight huh

Douglas- nah man, i know you see coach always yelling at me in timeouts right

Interviewer- yeah so, whats the story behind that

Douglas- i dont know dude think because im little he can bully me around and $hit, i know i aint the best player out there but a N!gga deserve fair treatment in this b!tch you dont see him pulling that $hit with melo, stat, and tyson right.

Interviewer- it has to be tough coming off the shoulder injury and having to run the point for dantoni

Douglas-thats what im saying dude think im his play toy i dont play that $hit

Interviewer-so what are you saying toney

Douglas- you know mike about to lose his job right, sh1t i did what any other real n!gga would do come out here in play like $hit fu*c this whole $hit up ill teach that 3 ball loving pringles looking mother fu*ker to f*ck with me. Melo soft a$$ talking about we support the coach nah man dougie dont support this mess dougie support FIRING DANTONI.
LMAO, classic.