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I understand the Celtics have a great Defense, but our game plan was working fine.They doubled Melo, because antoni gave them that opportunity with Iso, the ball was moving, people getting open shots, and it was like antoni couldn't take it.The game got that close because antonis in game management,he went away from everything that worked,STAT, LIN, NO ISO, ect.What i don't understand is, once the offense stalled, why not go back to what was working so easily, why not?

I don't understand why people don't get it...it's like...they don't know basketball or something.

We were killing early on with the PnR and ball movement. Then it just....stopped. Where's the coach to start it up again? He doesn't have to be on the court, HE HAS TO TELL THE GUYS ON THE COURT WHAT THEY NEED TO DO....THAT'S HOW YOU COACH, TELL GUYS WHAT THEY NEED TO DO FOR SUCCESS.

So either he's not doing that, or they're not listening...cause it just...stopped.