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    Originally Posted by Scipio
    Jeremy Lin, a point guard, plays some nice minutes. Driving to the basket, kicking out, dishing to team mates. Something we haven`t had all season long.

    What happens? The moron coach benches him for the rest of the game and let`s Toney Douglas come in and do his usual trick of shooting at air.

    This is final proof that this coach is the biggest moron in the NBA. I`d love to know the reasons D`Antoni could give for making such a move. He has to go now.

    If anyone on this board still supports D`Antoni then they have also lost their mind. There are no more excuses.
    Douglas played for 7 minutes in that time span, the Knicks scored 5 points
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    Originally Posted by Paul1355
    Douglas played for 7 minutes in that time span, the Knicks scored 5 points
    None of which were scored by Douglas, not set up by him. we also conceded 16 points.

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