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    Default We need to get really BAD or GOOD

    The Houston Rockets own our 2012 1st round draft pick which is top 5 protected. Right now we would have the 8th selection in the draft which is about as good as it gets for Houston for that pick.

    Now it's too early to say we should tank but if we are where we are now in late March, I would rather get Washington Wizard bad and get a top 5 pick. I don't see a PG worth taking in the top 5 but Jeremy Lamb of UConn would look good in the O&B

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    with tyson chandler on this team there is no tanking he has to much pride to allow that he's a winner he plays to win. he's not a carmelo where he's going to play to look good on the court, or stoudemire "all talk and no show". either baron davis comes back soon and helps turn this sinking ship around or we do everything in our power to find another pg.
    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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