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Lin's agility is insane tho...he has great control of changing speeds...excellent timing...tends to out smart his guy with his body movement.

iSay, you know how Wade penetrates to the basket? But you can't stop it? Thats how it reminds of Lin.

I see Lin having a Kevin Johnson type career.

Btw, am I wrong for boosting Lin's rating up to 79 on 2k12?
No, you're right. He has that natural body control and timing. It's pure, and legit.

Actually reminds me of some fighters (boxers and also some jim jitsu guys) who don't necessarily look as physically dominant or beast as others....but when they get in the ring (or on the mat) and let their hands go, they just have that timing and sense for the moments, and you know they are true fighters and maestros of their physical craft when they execute.

Ya. I watched the MIA game too and their penetration was similar now that I think about it. You see it coming, along with the defenders, but they're one step ahead and just execute. Different, too, than even the way Rose physically can manhandle or blow through defenders in traffic with sheer force, like a linebacker almost.

edit -- yo, 79 rating sounds like you had some good self control lolll