The Patrick Ewing curse has been lifted. He can come back now.

Funny how previous difficulties to land a PG and other tough moments led to this historic week

2009 draft point guards
Minny taking Rubio and Flynn before us
GSW taking Stephen Curry before us
Knicks not taking Jennings or Ty Lawson (opting for jordan hill and Toney Douglas)

Melo trade: Knicks wouldve taken Deron Williams if Melo went elsewhere (jazz were going to call the loser of melodrama)

Isiah Thomas: trading away all those draft picks avoided us getting who knows who

BAron Davis elbow infection directly allowed this to happen...Lin would probably be cut if Baron even played one game

TD bum shoulder stinking up the joint

Shump geting hurt led to the Knicks bring in Jeremy

Any of these things not happening as they did would probably mean no Linsanity

The Lord works in mysterious ways