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Man get the f*ck out of here you fake ass boxer, with your female style wide ass hook. Come to my gym with that weak **** you'll get floored.

205th Street and Jerome Avenue.

BTW...Marbury has made a lot of guys better in his career...he took this roster to the playoffs

Shandon Anderson
Tim Thomas
Vin Baker
Howard Eisley
DerMarr Johnson
Moochie Norris
Bruno Sundov
Kurt Thomas
Clarence Weatherspoon
Frank Williams
Keith Van Horn
Cezary Trybanski
Michael Doleac
Allan Houston.

Most of those guys were injured and at the end of their careers.

Marbury did what he could, but a bum ass fool would hate so its really on you.
205TH AND jerome? What is that a new gym? Never heard of it... I'm sure with it 10,000 posts and your desire to suck marburys sick u have perfected the art of boxing... I've sparred with Pedro Sosa.. us Olympian Marcus Browne and have been featured on news 12 and on daily news... U more than likely an overweight out of shape bitch... I've never been floored in hundreds of thousands of rounds of boxing I'm sure thay fake ads club on Jerome that just says 'boxing' got some hungry beasts that don't even make npise in the golden gloves but u beating me? Lol..

Marbury is a cancer .. he doesn't even respect women and he wears a pink mink... Faggot
Oil yea we were led to the playoffs and got swept by the nets and never sniffed it again...

Lin may not be the better player in the end but he's far and away the better perrson