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All this talk about the time period of what happened doesn't matter that much.
Only reason I brought it up was to correct our friend here who seems to have his timelines in the wrong order. I really don't care how things went down, bottomline is Lin signed for the most money he could get in this deal & the Knicks decided to go in another direction. Lin made the choice to sign that offer sheet, he wasn't pushed to sign it by anything the Knicks did. To put it out there like that is a little ridiculous if you ask me.

The bottom line is, you're saying that Lin got greedy and signed onto Houston for a higher paycheck. That's not true. If Lin was really greedy for more money, he would have settled for smaller paycheck in NY and made 10 times more money off of endorsements in NYC.

He even says in the most recent interview that he's sick of people assuming he's in it just for the money. And he says he had a chance to sign for a crapton of endorsements but only signed 3.
First off, I never said Lin was greedy. I said he made the best business decision for himself & his family & I respect that. Anyone of us would have done the same. I've also said repeatedly on these forums that I think Lin made the wrong choice & he could have easily made more money if he had stayed in NY on endorsement deals. Fine, then so maybe it wasn't just about the money with Lin. OK. Maybe he just didn't want to be here anymore? Who knows what's in the mind of a professional athlete, but I don't respect him making the team who gave him his big break out to be the villains that drove him away. That's exactly what his comments are implying to me. They strike me as a guy who's grown too big for his own britches & already considers himself to be an established star after 25 games in the NBA. I always pegged Lin to be a humble guy, but that type of stuff is primadonna stuff. I would expect guys like Melo or STAT to make a comment like that, not Lin of all people. Pretty surprised & disappointed that he would even go down that road. I would have respected him a lot more had he simply thanked the Knicks for giving him a shot & left it at that.