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    Originally Posted by Almost_famous718

    I don't get why some people still have trouble figuring out Lin is an AVERAGE pg who's game needs more work to get to the next level
    Average PGs don't do what Lin did last season. How could that be?

    Lin is primed *to* continue improving, as he obviously is still very imperfect as a player, as you are correct in pointing out. But this is more reason why the contract was a *very* good one for us to have the opportunity to sign off on.

    His age, and the enhanced coaching, help, and support he will be provided since his rise point to a liklihood of ongoing growth, starting immediately.

    This isn't baseball. You just can't do what Lin did, and have that effect, and have it be some fluke. You don't have that type of sustained run, that effect on an entire team, show that poise from the PG position (despite the lack of experience and sustained support from coaches), and those types of exceptional singular performances.....if you aren't legit.

    Good is as good does.

    Also, not directed at you or ur post, but people need to get over what they think is and isn't a good contract; it's mad subjectivity obscuring reality.

    Reality is the marketplace of the NBA "overpays", it is in "overpay" mode. But it isn't overpaying at a certain point. The same way Bernard King was never "underpaid".

    Look at the contracts NYK have made in the past decade, Lin's deal would have automatically been towards the top 10% probably of non-bad, quality ones -- and Lin's performance over the next three years has the chance to make that contract look like a total bargain and coup.

    Melo and Amare's deals DEMAND we have guys come here and play like all-stars, yet not get paid like them. It is the only way we will have a chance to compete against MIA and OKC and a couple others, as TRUE contenders.

    Lin's contract was extremely favorable to us in this regard. Plus, the ballooning of his final year would have given terrific strategic options in the event we wanted to trade him and make moves in that final 3rd year, of what is a grand 3-year window for us to operate within.
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