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I know this article has been posted already, but it deserves a repost as "Linsanity" lives. This is from the EDITOR of FORBES magazine. Maybe some of you have heard of it.
That writer is a tard and a douche.

The article's title is equal parts moronic and hyperbolic (it's obvious he is doing it as a sensationalist piece, and is using a mundane, played out, and trite ploy at making a play on Harvard's rep).

The dumb**** writer answered his own questions at the end.

Financial certainty. Oh, and the motherucking Knicks didn't match the mother****ing offer which the mother****er Dolan pushed Lin to get in the first place.

Only a mother****ing idiot tells a player to test the open, free market, and then acts like his prom date ****ed his best friend when the open market doesn't go according to his plan (hint: your plan was moronic to begin with if you hadn't already considered situations being likely, like what happened with HOU).

This is all very simple. Hint #2: real businessmen don't read Forbes to derive actual business sense

Oh, and Lin prolly thinks Dolan is a ****, Melo is an antagonistic bitch, JR Smith is a racist thug, and the Knicks, fresh off another round of GM and Coach debacles, are mired in sub-contention for the next several years.....so why suckle up to Dolan's old dick and sell out for some extra bones?

Pretty obvious.

Reading is indeed fundamental. However, so is thinking.

*this is my last post on Lin from this perspective, as nothing else can really be said from this side of things