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I think interest in Lin from Knicks fans will remain strong throughout next year, with peaks coming around the Houston-New York games.

So expect this thread to have a long and healthy life.

And why shouldn't we be interested? Linsanity was one of the greatest episodes not just in Knicks history, but in the history of sports. It felt good and it's going to take a good amount of time to dissipate.
Jeremy Lin will remain in Knicks lore for as long as he continues to thrive in the NBA, as an example of just how stupid James Dolan is and always has been. one of the greatest storied spectacles in NBA history let go for nothing, because the owner felt dissed by a business decision he f*cked up. more than 1/2 of Knicks fans and KO members were hurt by this decision, and will continue to feel wronged by the idiot who runs the organization, and will continue to monitor Lin's career as either the one who got away, or the one we were lucky he turned out to be a bust. either way, the Lin thread is a reminder of what we had, whose imprint on a season will never be forgotten. Knick fans deserve as much time as necessary to mourn and bemoan the loss of Lin; let this thread serve as a monument to his greatness, however long-lasting it may be.