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Good point, regarding that expiring in the final year. It's a guarantee teams out there will make long term mistakes, Lin being an easy expiring for other team's to correct mistakes with Lin possibly is an enticing offer so much so they'd add a draft pick or rights to a player as well to sweeten the pot. These guys have no forward thinking, thinking outside the box. For years Cuban held Dampiers contract because the last year of Damp's contract was not guaranteed, it would become guaranteed on July 31 or something like that, so Cuban could trade Damp's contract in a sign and trade, or eventually a straight up trade. Mavs fans were thinking Lebron, Bosh, JJ at the time, when nothing came through, Cuban just threw a piece of crap on the wall, knowing Charlotte didn't want to payout too much in player salaries, he sent Damp's unguaranteed salary for Chandler's final guaranteed year.....the rest is history......take a page from Cuban's wheeling and dealing....take a chance....almost all positives comes from having Lin around.
The luxury tax would have been increased to 47 million in that final year. No matter to hold on or to let him go that tax was not changing because moving Lin or keeping him would have required a dollar for dollar trade.

We have 3 huge expiring contracts that same year lins would have been.