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    Originally Posted by th3realicon
    I have a feeling this guy wanted to get paid for doing nothing and thought joining the Knick was the way to go since 2.5 mill thrown out wont really break Dolan's pocket. Smart businessman straight out of Compton.
    Baron came here for the vet minimum, not for the 2.5 mil mini-MLE.

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    Baron wasn't doing us any favors man he came here to be on a big team Just incase we make a run Now he saw we were losing He's disinterested and doesn't want to play. If Lin keeps this up and we play great Baron will come around and play but it will be too late.
    That's the kind of player he is, He was disinterested on the Clippers and came out of shape until he saw the Blake Griffin Show going on and finally got into a little shape and started playing well but it was too late he fell out of grace and got traded for Mo Williams.
    Cavs won the Irving sweepstakes by making the trade for B.Diddy and still amnesty'd him because they felt it was best to just let Kyrie grow.
    Davis has always been a player who needs extra motivation to play or He'll just mail it in. We might as well cut him and free up roster space What is he going to do if he comes back March(Mid March) Huh Playoffs start April you think in 1 month he'll be on page with Melo Amare and Chandler?
    I rather roll with Lin and throw the MLE on Aaron Brooks

    Sorry guys but we got Hoodwink BDiddy ain't no savior
    Knicks 2012

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