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    Default seriously, get off his nuts

    Originally Posted by Toons
    dantoni also said in an interview that with no training camp, and a condensed preseason, it was hard for lin to get minutes. it doesent even make sense explaining to you guys....even when we win, you cant give the coach credit. another black sheep that played well was jefferies...he drew 5 charges in one game... coach get a lot of hate for playing jefferies too. jeff guarded all 5 positions tonight.
    Really? D'Antoni? When you see the shoddy play of his other pg's i would have went up and down the roster at PG, but not D'Antoni...he sticks with the crappy play of douglas and shumpert at PG, even played bibby more...he's like this doesn't work let me go back to another option that hasn't worked, oh, wait that's not working, let me try something else that already hasn't worked...oh lin? no he's going to the D league, oh yeah. He's obvioulsy not worth a look, when we have such a successful band of PG's up here already. let's try Tony douglas again. only when in dire need did he give this guy some minutes. Now he's over playing him, needs to coach him a little more. He was blind to see the square peg, didn't fit the circle...maybe i should try a different peg
    Lin basically said that Coach D says there is no wrong play...well yes there is. Making him rely on all the coaching he's had up to now, because you know D'Antoni is not teaching him sh!t. He needs to Coach him, make him a better player. Don't just give him the green light, we saw what that did to shumpert early on, now he's struggling.

    Originally Posted by knicksin60
    You seem to always try to find a way to justify why you're always on D'antoni's left nut.
    i can't understand why, it is super clear to me, D'Antoni is not a coach, he doesn't give his team direction. no leadership from him. he's terrible.
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