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so its dantoni's fault that he didnt play line, dantoni's fault he gives lin too much minutes... dantoni's fault lin had turnovers... blah blah blah, blame it on dantoni....lol...i give up, ur an idiot
But...who else is supposed to play guys, and regulate their mins? Lol, what?

I understand that some of the MDA blame gets to be a bit much...but this post reads like MDA didn't wait until the team was like 7-15 to give his only true PG some spots mins, and you also make it seem like Lin didn't lead the team in mins played the last two games (after having played maybe a combined 30 mins previously)

.....who else makes decisions on who plays? I think that actually would be MDA.

The turnovers argument would be foolish if it were made tho.