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    Originally Posted by knicksin60
    Did you start watching basketball today? The coach is the one who has the power to decide who plays and who doesn't play. D'antoni was a fool for not playing Lin when he first got here and he will even look like a bigger fool if he wears Lin out just like he did to Duhon, Felton and Shumpert.
    When you think about it,(this is rarity around here mind you) it's not as easy to make the call to give Lin big minutes as you think.

    Td is a third year player that's earned the opportunity to start, as we tried at the beginning of the season. He sucked terribly sooooo the next logical option would be your 1st round pick in Shumpert. He's been up and down as most rookies are, but not terrible.

    Then you have Lin who's unproven, unheralded, bounced around a bit in the League so there's a progression that needs to take place, which takes some time. Seems to me that Lin gradually won the confidence of the coaches with his work ethic and improved play in practice. Apparently he was owning all of our guards. But even then, as a coach you don't just throw him in there and give him big minutes. Lin played some against Houston and from there continued to play more minutes n proved that he belongs on the floor. A player has to unequivocally PROVE that.

    No coach is just gonna throw an unproven guy in there w/out exhausting other options and going through a certain process that starts in practice and ends w the player earning it in games w gradually increased minutes based on production. Lin's jumped through all the hoops and now he's where we need him to be. He earned a start and he got it.. There's always an evaluation process taking place.
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