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    Originally Posted by p0nder
    time to get a Jefferies jersey????
    Man, you gotta' have some SERIOUS stones to rock one!

    I think the folks that said he gets little love is mostly because of the first contract, hit the nail on the head.

    Also...let him do his damn job and hustle, board, defend, take charges, and PASS THE BALL WHEN IT HITS HIS HANDS!
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    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    Although I wouldn't say he 'stole' the money. More like Isiah gifted him the money
    F'n Isiah.

    Well, JJ is doing amazingly for a minimum contract.

    STAT was a better blocker last year; it feels like he made more stops and grabbed more boards, but the numbers say they're about the same and the season is still young. The past games against the Celts and Nets, as a PF, STAT didn't rotate over as quickly. As a backup C, he strayed outside the paint every now and again, but that's PF mentality (and likely fast-break coaching).

    I do agree that being under 0.500 and being one of the league's more expensive teams, the Knicks deserve a few boos.

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    Watch the first quarter of the Knicks vs. Washington game and you'll know exactly why the fans were booing. Poor defense, a turnover, and missed 3 layups off good feeds. My wife could make the 3 layups per quarter he misses. Not to mention he shoots terrible shots. The ONLY thing he's good at is rolling off the screen and drawing charges. That's it. D'Antoni thinks he's the Knicks 6th man on the year.

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    Originally Posted by smokes
    That's so inaccurate. Yes he sucks on offense but he only takes very good looks and even though he only went 3-9 last game a lot of the misses were fouls. He is good from the line and a straight up hustle machine. Hating on Jefferies at this point is just straight ignorance.
    you say im inaccurate yet you agreed that he sucks on offense.
    My post was simple, he sucks on offense so he should not shoot.

    Jeffries can miss wide open lay ups, any player in the NBA that can't hit a wide open lay up needs to pass it up. You must agree with this.
    I never knocked his hustle, defense, or ability to rebound. I am talking about his offense and the fans boo him because when he shoots, the odds of the shot going in are very low.

    He always gets stuffed, blows an easy shot, bricks an outside shot...why? Because he has no offensive game whatsoever. He is not booed for any other reason.

    btw, the misses he has are wide open shots, thats why they boo, its a good shot if u have the ability to sink it. You want Tyson Chandler shooting open 3's??!??!?! No, he is wide open but he can't make it.
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    People stop booing him if you stop playing him. Problem solved..

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    Default Truth time

    I have nothing against Jeffries. The charges he draw are nice. He is a decent defender. However, he is not a physical active defender, which Jerome Jordan and Renaldo Balkman are. He is a passive defender.

    Both styles have their uses, but coach does not recognize it and use them appropriately.

    I do not hate Toney Douglas. He just has no point guard skills. It was unfair to Toney Douglas to play him as a point guard (he is an undersized SG streak-shooter - that's it).

    We were not booing Douglas and Jeffries, we were booing D'Antoni for not using his players strengths but forcing them to play to their weaknesses.

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