The Knicks are playing amazingly now with our new found point guard. I know Wizards defense sucks, but Jeremy Lin is looking like the real deal now. We look like a different team completely and I think we have the roster to do well in the playoffs. Maybe an addition of JR smith would be good, whatever.

So I think Stoudemire will be fine now with Lin giving him the ball and him and Chandler will find a way to fit in.

The real question is, how do we fit Melo in? We've been playing amazingly with a lot of ball movement, but Melo likes to iso. I'm trying to think how we can keep up what we have now with the addition of Melo when he returns. Should Melo be the go to guy when we need a score? Should we let Melo keep jacking his shots cause they usually go in? What do you guys think?