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    Melo looks a little bit more explosive and quick in those videos. That's the Melo I remember. I swear he just looks a tad bit slower this year. Doesn't look like he was in the greatest shape coming in, hopefully this 2 week rest helps a bit.

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    I really think melo will fall in line. Just look at some of amare's tweets hes totally amped up to get back in. I think with tyson and amare seeing how great we're doing will bring melo in line. I just can't see Melo bucking against this and if he does I'm hoping the fans demand he change or they sit him down till he realizes what is going on. But I really don't even think it will go that far. He will play nice!!

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    He'll be fine, just tell him and STAT, to make faster decisions with the ball.That's been our problem, with them this year, i don't mind the ball stopping in there hands, but they just stand their with it, and everyone else, just starts watching them, instead of moving.

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    Melo had an offense designed for him in Denver the offense isn't designed for him in New York so its pretty much an adjustment, Miami changed their O for LeBron and they started to get better, we've constantly tried to adjust the system for the wrong players, i.e. Fields. Melo will be fine I hope he regains some of his athleticism back, Kobe still jumpin like crazy at 33 so I got faith in my boy, I hope he's still jump-roping, if he does that and work on his abs, he'll get his explosiveness back

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    Default This is not even an issue

    This thread question is kind of stupid given the fact that prior to Lin Antoni had Melo playing a lot of minutes in at the point-forward role. The difference now is Melo will get better passes off screens and picks and do what he does best... hit mid range shots and attack the basket. He will still get iso opportunities (like many other star players) and continue to do his thing.

    Not much to it IMO. Keep it simple stupid.
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    MDA's said he'll let Carmelo play some isolation, because this is where he's good at, but he'll have to buy into the system and play more P&R. He'll also take over the point spot with Lin on the bench.

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