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    I'm gonna simplify this right now.

    All Antoni does is make sure he has shooters on the floor, tell his guys to run, run, run and take the open shot no matter where you are on the court (good 3pt shooter or not).

    Then he needs a good to great PG out on the floor with court vision to make ALL the on court decisions, including where people should be. (essentially pushing ALL the ancillary coaching duties onto the pg)

    This "offense" is no different than a youth league! The only difference is you probably won't have a great PG at that young age yet.
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    Thumbs up The Knicks are Amaze-Lin

    Know-matter how I do the math, shaaat is not adding up in this Knicks organization....
    without Jeremy Lin the Knicks were a 1-9 team....
    without Melo & Stat the Knicks are a 3-0 team using a 7+ man-rotation in
    a back to back 66 game-season....Einstien have to do the math on this one.

    Lin-Fields-Shump = above average backcourt the past 4 games....
    Tyson Chandler & Jefferies = above satisfactory defensive frontcourt
    the past 4 games....5 chemistry players improving each game

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    It's definitely Lin's system (not Antoni's). He's the general out there and moving the pieces into the right places. The reason i know this is because he has Jared Jeffries looking like a competent offensive player for the first time......ever.

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    Such foolish talk...
    Lin in his interview is quoted " Coach is an absolute offensive genius. Every game we have new plays for the defense we are playing "

    Give Dantonio some credit....Lin and Dantonio are a perfect pairing.....

    I know we have all shown alot of hatred for Dantonio .....
    BUT if he could find a way to integrate Melo and Stat back into this team then I say its time to look at him differently......

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