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Wasn't it coaching then, last year, pre-Melo, when we were a playoff team on the rise, and exceeding the expectations of almost all fans (KO members included), and professional NBA analysts?

Also, wouldn't taking an undrafted, unheralded, bounced around raw PG and turn him into a winning, starting PG for the NYK (in about a month's time from being picked off waivers), qualify as taking the talent you have and making it "winning"?
What a joke. d`Antoni has turned Lin into a winning, starting PG. That`s hilarious.

D`Antoni had this guy permanently benched whilst Douglas was shooting air every night and turning over more basketballs than McDonalds flip burgers. Lin was sent to the D-League and was fourth choice. Seriously, do you think that Jeremy Lin has suddenly found his talent in the last ten days which made D`antoni suddenly play him? Of course not, Lin`s talent has been there all along and D`Antoni just did what he always does, pick his players and just stick to playing them come what may.

You can see how D`Antoni didn`t want to play him from the game against the Celtics when Lin gave us good first half minutes then got benched for the whole of the second half. Only because Lin played so well was D`antoni forced to play him in the last couple of games. If Lin is capable of doing this now then he was capable of doing it when he was sitting on the end of the bench watching Douglas, Shumpert and Bibby doing nothing.