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    Originally Posted by Sprewell-Houston
    Bull****, I never hated on Jeffries, but I think we're better off without Stoudemire and Anthony.

    If you didn't enjoy the basketball we played in the games without them then you probably need to re evaluate your life.

    We're 1.000 without them, at worst .0666 (pretending we lose to the Lakers tonight), otherwise we'll stay 1.000 without them and the basketball we've played was great to watch and successful.

    In the long run we're probably not better without them, but definitely not worse!

    What is their combined record since Melo joined us? 0.444? I say the current team could achieve that without them.

    You have no valid arguments to counter that, the numbers don't lie and they're all confirming my argument.
    Guess if I was simple in the mind...everything would be fine.

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    Originally Posted by NYCLakerfan
    I remember a few years ago Kobe sat out like 4 games and the Lakers won all 4 including a game in Portland where they always lose, I don't think anybody in their right mind really believed the Lakers were better without Kobe.
    Actually, that showed that the Lakers were dangerous with or without Kobe. I bet it also made their coaching team re-evaluate how to work their players in to maximize team efficiency.

    I think the Knicks are dangerous with and without STAT and/or 'Melo; it's Lin (the only healthy PG on our team at the moment - no one else is even "serviceable") and Chandler who are the pivotal pieces. (Can you imagine to going back to STAT starting at the 5?)

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