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Gotta see what Lin can do against a top notch defensive team like the lakers. It's fine to drop 25 and 9 on the likes of the wizards and nets but a totally different ball game against a championship caliber opponent. With jorts, Amar'e and melo out our front line is going to be hurting against bynum and gasol. Gotta hope for a big game from Lin and (yes) Jeffereies. Tyson needs to bring his A game here and I know he'll be looking to lead us on the glass but you can realistically only box out one person at a time. Hopefully people like Lin and Fields can pick up some of those boards and take the pressure off our big man. I think you'll see Novakane out there a fair bit if he can nail a 3 or 2 early.

If Lin can torch the lakers like he has the past three teams then i'm gonna have to go full out LINsane. The guy is sparking something special with the knicks right now and I gotta hope it continues.
opposing pgs wont really get tougher than deron williams...im sick of people saying it was just the nets. if tyson goes off on orlando thats a HUGE deal even if theyre 5-15.