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Team kind of reminds of me us, pre-Melo.

Bit short on talent, but big on heart, hustle, and cohesion on offense.

+ we're superior at D now.

Can't wait for Amare and Melo to get into the mix. Thankful, it will be progressive -- Amare on Monday, Melo a week later.
I think thats key even though it might be better off if it was the other way around. I'm more worried about Melo fitting in. For Amare it will be sorta similar to playing with Nash. I guess it doesnt matter which one of them comes back first, Melo's gonna have to adapt to playing without the ball as much. Who knows, maybe he'll embrace it. Im sure he didnt enjoy having to be the point guard and the small forward, which caused him to turn the ball over alot and get injured. The last playmaking point guard he played with was Andre miller