If Melo is willing to move without the ball and move the ball, then he will fit in just fine with this new, improved and exciting brand of basketball the Knicks are playing. The are playing energized and passionate on both sides of the ball. He needs to be willing to bring the effort on D as well. I personally do not think he's capable. Amare is going to be fine. He will run the pick and roll, get his touches and dunks on offense and this will translate to the type of defense we became accustomed to him playing last year.

Look at what the Knicks did last night. Look at our starters compared to the Lakers. On paper, we should have been crushed. The difference was the energy and the team play. The team defense and rebounding was outstanding. The ball was moving quickly and crisply on offense. Guys were playing unselfish and aggressively. It was one of the best games overall I have seen the knicks play in years. I know Kobe had 34 but the defense by Landry Fields was some of the best I have ever seen one-on-one against Kobe. Every shot was contested and he was all over him like glue. This guy is such a key player for us because of his impact on both offense and defense. I only hope once Melo comes back that he is able to continue to play like this. He's very athletic and makes plays on offense when the ball is moving and his skills of moving without the ball and passing can be utilized most effectively. I'm just concerned Melo will create a problem here. I'm interested to see how Melo fits in this system. If he is able to play team ball, we will be very good. But, if he goes right back to dominating the ball and playing uninspired defense, I think we need to seriously considering trading him. It is clear that the Knicks were much better before the trade for him than after and just look at the results Denver has gotten without him. Maybe there is a trend? So, lets see what happens but maybe the Melo man just is not the guy for us.