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Walker can spread the floor and helps us to maintain our spacing with his shooting. If he has a bad night teams still have to respect him from behind the arc and won't cheat off of him. Walker plays D and hustles too.

All Balkman gives you is the hustle and D, but he couldn't hit a barn on a good day. In this system because Balkman's J is universally disrespected around the league, at the position he'd play teams could easily help off him to shut down the paint or rotate to other shooters, which consequently makes our O easier to defend/shut down. Got it.

Can a man go take a bath and watch Kungfu Hustle for crying out loud??There's your explanation. Now stfu.
youre acting like the only difference between the two is walker is a 3pt god....please think before you post. walker is a turnover machine, probably the worst on the team.