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So Lin did not play the 2nd half of the celtics game. I too hoped he would go back in. Lin is quoted as he was very upset with himself about his 1st half of the celtics game.......so Yes timing is everything......Dude u did not even know who Lin was before he was a Knicks so stop the bull...

Dude your love for Balkman is a bit odd.
i never claimed to have known lin was a great option before he was a knick, and if you think you're gonna make me look stupid by pretending i said something i didnt its not gonna work.

based on what i (or anyone not blind or retarted) knew BEFORE LIN GOT MAJOR MINUTES, he was the only person capable of playing pg right now on the roster. toney douglas was not penetrating. toney douglas was not seeing anyone or anything. toney douglas was not keeping his dribble. toney douglas was not even shooting well. toney douglas was doing absolutely nothing to help this team or make anyone else better. lin penetrated. lin kept his dribble. lin found his teammates for assists and made them better by penetrating and drawing attention from the other guys on the floor. despite this, mda still refused to give him more than garbage time minutes.

your logic is deeply flawed, if you even want to call it that. you've said next to nothing in i dont even know how many posts. you've misconstrued my words in an attempt to make me wrong. you've showed an incredibly short memory. you've talked more about lin and dantoni than you have balkman and walker, which is what this is all about. you sir, are a ****ing retard. despite your incredible lack of any apparent brain function, even you wanted lin to play against the celtics. lin said he wasnt happy with his performance....HE IS THE MOST HUMBLE MAN IN THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION. he will never give himself credit, so using that as some sort of factual evidence that mda was right in tossing away wins with him on the bench is probably the stupidest thing you have done, which is really amazing. now if the dumbest person i have ever interacted with knew lin should have played against the celtics, can you still pretend that the coach always knows better and is always right?