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For the record you never answered the simple YES OR NO ....

Which makes me realize that you really do not believe that Dantonio lost games on purpose......and better yes he purposely did not put Balkman in the games in fear he would be so good we would win and then ruin your conspiracy theory.
i cant say for sure whether he bombed on purpose. i know people will react the way you did if i say it. if you didnt see what i saw i dont know what to say to you. aside from cohesion, want, or having the right pieces in place there was a bigger issue with the offense. it was iso to melo, iso to stat, or east-west around the arc and chuck a 3. despite your best efforts to shake my faith in humanity i like to think people (especially those able to get into a position such as mda's) are not retarded until they give me a reason to think otherwise. when i look at all the facts (i understand not everyone is capable of processing everything at once) dantoni bombing on purpose makes more sense to me than if he were to completely forget how to get guys open, get high % shots, gain offensive momentum, etc or players choosing horrible play and low % shots on purpose.

the only other possible explanation i see is a bigger conspiracy...im still confused by mdas refusal to play lin, especially when you consider he cited defense as his concern (the man may have changed, but not THAT much). couple that with the abrupt press conference ending when people asked why he didnt play lin (potentially evidence that someone above mda had reason to not want reporters asking questions regarding the pg situation, horrible offense or whatever). all things considered, an offense with this much talent just cant be as bad as they were by accident.