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    Default Other NBA Stories like Jeremy Lin

    Anyone have any comparable stories to Jeremy Lin from the annals of NBA history?

    I think if this continues it is the best in all of NBA history.

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    Manu Ginobil: Last pick in the 2nd round. Became a multiple time all star with the Spurs and won 4 championships with them.

    Chuck Hayes: Undrafted and picked up by the Rockets, he became one of the best defeensive forwards in the league.

    Jamario Moon: Came undrafted out of COMMUNITY COLLEGE after 3 years and was picked up byt Toronto. He holds the record for most blocks in a game for the Raptors and made the Rookie/Sophmore all star game. Also was third in the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

    Jose Calderon: Spent 8 years in Spain and went undrafted, signed with Toronto as a free agent and became a great NBA point guard.

    Udonis Haslem: Signed by Miami after he went undrafted. Became a great forward in his time and was a big member of the 06 championship team.

    John Starks: Went undrafted, played at Golden State for a hot second before being released and then discovered by Pat Riley and the NY Knicks. He went from bagging groceries to being the number 2 scoring option for the New York Knicks behind Patrick Ewing. '

    Ben Wallace: Four time defensive player of the year, NBA Champion, Captain of the Detroit Pistons, and 30th all time in the NBA in boards. Stats speak for themselves.

    So i guess the answer is yes? lol

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    Flip Murray had a run of 6 straight games where he scored 20 plus points for the Sonics at the start of the 2003-2004 season. Kind of a similar story to Lin, low draft pick in 2001, kicked around the league for a couple of years and then exploded in the beginning of the 2003 season. He even scored a season high 31 in game 9 of that year.

    Nate Mcmillan when asked about him and how hot he was "2 games, you can't judge a guy on 2 games, you have to judge a guy by years". He was right on with Flip, he was a journeyman player that had a hot streak but never blossomed into a superstar.

    Not saying that will happen with JLin but you have to judge a guy over the long run not just a couple of weeks or months.

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    Exactly, keep your heads cold folks, Lin's been playing amazing but wait at least until the end of the season...

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    This is exactly why I don't buy the owner's cry about over paying players. If the GMs and coaches did a better assessment of the talent they wouldn't need to pay out high contracts.

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    this might be the only pre-draft report on Lin that hinted that he could be playing at the level he is now. This guy should be hired by a NBA scouting team ASAP.

    It uses moneyball type stats to forsee a players development

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