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5th or 6th seed at this point would be an astounding turnaround. Knicks would need to go 17-5 the rest of the way to reach to reach the .560 level the 5/6 seed are at right now.

If the Knicks are able to do it, they should have fired D'Antoni months ago. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. 2 W's often happen when you get a coaching change. We have the talent for sure to go 17-5 but that hasn't kept us from having 2 six game losing streaks either.

Talk of resigning any of these guys now is moot because the team has underperformed, if the season ends right now, you would reassess and make big changes. Even if the Knicks pull off this turnaround and get the 5/6 seed. Lin has come back to earth and might not command the whole MLE any longer, JJ has not increased his value, still a defensive specialist that can't shoot, Landry has had a poor year shooting the ball and the Knicks could let him go and Novak might deserve a raise but he has always been a 3 pt specialist being paid a vet minimum for his whole career and he's not going to get a 20M/4 year contract from anyone.
5th or 6th......Lets hope we make the playoffs....Right now the Bucks have the easiest schedule of any potential playoff team in the East,,,,,,,,,,,we need teams to lose.......So yes we control alot of our destiny but we are not in full control....we will be so dangerous in the playoffs....