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    The man's been great -- might be the best 3-pt shooter in the league; definitely at 6'10" or over. He's been a Godsend for us.

    Personally, I'd like to see him put it on the floor a little more though. He needs to add that to his attack if he ever wants to become a better, more complete player. That's the difference between Novak and guys like Mike Dunleavy, Gallinari, Peja back in his heyday, etc...You get up too close on these guys, they'll put it on the floor and drive around you. Novak, meanwhile, just looks to immediately move the ball when he gets crowded. Once in awhile, he needs to put it on the deck and take it strong, just to show that he can do it. And like anything else, I betcha the more he did it, the better at it he'd probably become. Like Gallo, he's a big man with long legs, probably long strides... I betcha it wouldn't take him that many dribbles to get to the rim. You figure he'd get to the line more too as a result where he'd be able to take advantage of his superb FT shooting...Now with Amar'e out, there goes the Knicks only true interior scoring threat. Expect teams to crowd Novak even more now out on the perimeter, as the Bucks did last night...Just an observation.

    Another observation, unrelated to Novak -- as good as Tyson Chandler's been, and he's been fantastic for us all yr, I don't know how to feel about all of his tap-back attempts on the offensive glass...Last night it worked out real well for us as he was able to tap the ball back to a Knick player almost everytime, but that's not always the case. Hate to criticize the man because he's been phenomenal, but personally I'd rather see him go after some of these offensive rebounds with two hands and then power the ball back up himself...Try to get the easy 2, the 'and 1' or at least try to get fouled and get to the line where he's actually made himself into a pretty decent FT shooter now. I dunno man, continually flailing away with the one hand trying to tap the ball back to a teammate seems a little lazy and low % to me.. If I were Ty, I'd be trying to corral those rebounds and put it back up myself. I feel it's actually something the coaching staff should be pointing out to him and I've felt like that for awhile now..

    Just a couple of tweaks for two players that could help out the team a lot in the long run.
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